How can you do SQL selects to search through saved documents

We have our guarenteed documents being stored to an Oracle database. The documents themselves are stored in a blob coulmn. I need to search through these documents to do some analysis of who sent messages about a certain order and when. I have tried doing LIKE, SUBSTR, and INSTR in the where clause on the blob to no avail. Any ideas on how to interegate the saved documents?

We built a quick solution for TN documents saved to BizDoc table. Essentially we used the service, which, when given an internal DocID, will return the document as a BizDoc.

For us the steps were

  1. Determine the internal DocID for the a particular Sender and external ID number

Select DocID From BizDoc Where (NativeID = ‘%externalID%’ and OrigSenderID = ‘%senderID%’ and DocTypeID = ‘doctypeid’)

  1. Use the DocID returned for the service. Saved BizDoc returned.

hope this helps