How can we check the status of all packages in the server by using flow service?

Dear friends,

Could you please someone explain how can we check all the packages status in the server by using the flow service?
I dont have any prior experience in writing flow service , please assist how to write the service to check status for all packages.

Expected output should be like: If any the package is not active … it should show the results as fail with package name

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Hi Varun,

unfortunately, there is no public API for this, only private API.
You can explore the WmRoot package and see if you find something useful there.
Remember to set the extended setting watt.server.hideWmRoot to false to see it in Designer.
This should only be done on DEV environment.


To list all installed activated packages, you can use an API call

## list all packages and their information
curl "http://localhost:5555/admin/package?expand=true" \
     -H 'Accept: application/json' \
     -u 'Administrator:manage'

There is no public service for this, so you would need to make this call via pub.flow:http service and provide credentials, which I would recommend that you set via global variables.


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