How can I to count the services in WM?

Hi Guys…
Someone knows how can I to count the services that has been created inside of each package in Webmethods?

For example:
One package, named “cns”, has 45 services;
Other package, names “Global”, has 135 services;
Other package, names “srvPost”, has 29 services;

I have 209 services created.

How can I do to get the total number of services without to enter in each package and count service by service???

Thank you so Much…!!!

You can use wm.server.packages:packageInfo service in WmRoot to get the list of services in the specified package.

The service is in the WmRoot package, so it won’t show in developer by default. You have to add this line to your extended fields section under the administrator page:
If you save this entry you will need to restart your server. That will make it visible under Developer.


Even without enabling the WmRoot package, the services inside WmRoot can be used…

Create a flow service, call the WmRoot service by clicking ‘Browse…’, and directly enter the service path without locating the service… For ex, give wm.server.packages:packageInfo…



I have just told the method to test but don’t use the WmRoot specifically in your project because the services within WmRoot are not intended for our use. They are not “public” and are not documented. Using them is at your own risk–wM tech support won’t help; future releases may change the service, breaking your code. So better use your custom java service to implement the logic for the same.

Just to test, you can also directly invoke WmRoot service the way Senthil has suggested.