How can I produce a report and send via email.

I’ve done a lot of development, but have yet to produce a report like a PDF or CSV and send via email, is it hard to pull data from a database format header and detail information and either save as a spreadsheet and deliver the .csv via email or create a pdf and deliver it via email.

I know how to email information through the email services, but I haven’t yet create reports using webMethods.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Yes it can be done and no it is not too hard to do it. You simply need to pull data from database using adapter and create a .csv file using flatfile adapter or PDF(look at the shareware section which has a sample package for PDF creation) and send it via email by using smtp service in WmPublic folder using attachment option.


What shareware section are you talking about and where can I find it?

Click on “Software” in the wMUsers navigation menu. The “PDFCreator” utility can be found here.