how can I learn trading networks


how can I learn trading networks with the free trail version 10… I heard that we can install all the components but trading networks…

and also pls lemme know that where can I find the tutorials for basics of webMethods…


Hi Clay,

Trading Networks Server 10.2 and Trading Networks UI 10.2 are available in the current webMethods Free Trial download version. You can download it from here:
Start with the installation guide:

After you have webMethods installed check the documentation here:
and the tutorials here:

Best Regards

Hi Clay,

Had the same question a few years back. Maybe you can find some good information there.

Here is the link:

What I can recommend from experience is to play with the framework.

After you read an important chapter of the documentation (ex: TN Partners), go on a sandbox installation and create some partners, see what are their attributes, etc…

Like in many other cases, you do not have to know everything before starting.

Good luck and let us know how you’re doing,
Vlad Turian