How can i Install and config the Blaze Advisor?

Hi Guys,

How can I install and config the Blaze Advisor to work with IS 7.1? There are any doc talking about this procedure?:confused:




Did you manage to find any doc, or did you deal with it by yourself ?
I need to configure blaze advisor for IS 7.1 me too… I try to configure the IS connections but the properties tab (of the project) is empty !

Do you have any clue ?


Every webMethods product I have ever worked with came with installation documentation. You can almost always find this on Advantage in the… wait for it… webMethods Installation section.


After you create a new project, you should set the properties in the Properties Tab. See attached. If you don’t see IS host and port in Properties tab, you are missing webMethods plugins for Blaze adviser. Check your BLAZE_HOME\Advisor65\lib for WmBomExtension.xml and
WmDeployerExtension.xml files. Also check to verify that these plugins are included in extensionsDescriptor property.

IS config.jpg