How can I get the UNT0074 number automatically

I want the EDIAdapter to automatically calculate the number of segments in my EDIFACT message (UNT-0074).

The documentation suggest that the wm.b2b.edi:convertToString will calculate segment counts if left blank. However it says when converting to ANSI X12.

Is there any way of getting this to calculate the segment count for EDIFACT ?


convertToString does indeed perform this calc and adds it to the SE segment. Have you tried it with EDIFACT? I haven’t.

By “left blank” I think you do need to set the field with an empty string, not just leave it unassigned/unmapped. But I may be wrong on that.


I would like to know from people who generate edifact outbound documents, as how do they handle UNT Segment count.

We generate edifact outbound using the wm.b2b.edi:convertToString in v4.6. As in X12, this will generate the segment count if it hasn’t already been assigned (we leave the count fields unassigned/unmapped) in the input record to this service.


I was going thru this doc when i was looking for this solution…
what i found was we need to fill one element of this then automatically the count information get added up in UNT01.

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