How can I generate a list of all collections defined in a da

Hi Taminos!

There must be a way to name all collections I have defined in a specific database.
Maybe there is some kind of X-Query to do this or
maybe a X-Machine Command.

My problem is, that I coulnd’t find an answer to my question by reading the documentation.
Maybe I have overseen it…

I need to find out all my collection names, because I lost the survey over one of my databases.
Please help me out with this.
Thanks in advance.

Here is the query to see all the collections you have defined in a database. This will also show you all the doctypes, and their schemas, that you have defined.

<A HREF="http:///tamino//ino:collection?_xql=/ino:collection[not[@ino:name~=“ino” TARGET=_blank>http:///tamino//ino:collection?_xql=/ino:collection[not(@ino:name~=“ino:*”)]