Doctype list problem


If you have two or more doctypes/collection, is there possible to get a list with their names using the TaminoAPI4J?

Maybe using an accessor object because the accessor is created on a collection, so should have access to the whole collection.

Thank you.

see my response here.


In addition to Stuart’s suggestion, there is an Accessor in the Tamino API for Java called “TSchemaDefinition3Accessor”. (One can be instantiated from a TConnection object using the newSchemaDefinition3Accessor method.)

The TSchemaDefinition3Accessor has the following two methods:

   public java.util.Iterator getSchemaNames(java.lang.String collection)
   public java.util.Iterator getDoctypeNames(java.lang.String collection,
                                             java.lang.String schema)

One or both of these methods will probably be helpful. For example: the Iterator returned from getSchemaNames() contains String objects, the values of which are the names of the schemas.
(So there is no need to handle any DOM objects - just Java Strings.)