Schema definition and it's doctypes

hello all,

Working with the Schema editor, I have noticed that you’re supposed to create ONE schema per collection and in it define all the doctypes needed.

Is this a necessity? Or can I create ONE schema per ONE doctype ?

Thank you ain advance,


Hello Peter,

it is possible - perhaps even recommended! - to create more than one schema per Tamino Collection.
Indeed, my normal practice is to create one schema per doctype.

I hope that helps,

Thank you Trevor!

I was just confused, looking at the RealEstate schema example in the welcome_4_1_1 database, that has doctypes for both a person and property. I thought one had to define all doctypes in one schema, which I would find extremely frustrating, come time to update it! :slight_smile:

I come from a pretty schema-less environment, MSXML with xml files, so I need to adjust!