How can I generate a DTD from a Record?

I know how to take a DTD provided by partners and read that into Web Methods to create both a Record and a Schema. I now need to perform a similar function, but in reverse.

How can I take a Record layout that I’ve created in WEBM Developer and generate a DTD, which I can then share with my other external partners.

We are mostly a version 4.0 shop, but we are moving to 4.6


There’s a built-in service which you can use to generate a schema from a webMethods record. The service is: pub.schema:createXSD (in the WmPublic package). For more information on this service, please see the Built-in Services Guide

I don’t know how to generate a DTD from a webMethods record though…

If you can generate pure xml output then you can use an outside tool like Turbo XML or XML Spy to generate the DTD.