How can I find and use


I’m currently using webmethods 10.5 and i’m trying to put my IS in a docker container with different configurations for my JDBC adapters depending on the environment I deploy.

Another post on the forum explain how to do that with a “” files but I don’t find any “.properties” in my IS who look like his files. I don’t find information about this kind of custom application file.

Where can I find and use this file ? Or is there a new way to deal with JDBC adapters configurations ?


The version I had used was 10.3 and it must be a micro services runtime installation otherwise the Microservices Menu will not be available.

You need to go to Access Microservices->Configuration Variables and generate the configuration variable template. (see image below)


Then you can change the values you want, and use that configuration when running the image with the following arguments. note that -v is to virtualize a folder in order to access that file.

-v /share/esb:/share/esb -e SAG_IS_CONFIG_PROPERTIES=/share/esb/

Take a look at the following documentation:

Thank you for your answer,

the version I use is not a micro service runtime and I can’t change that so I guess I have to find another way, thank you again.