How can I determine the URL of the SOAP service?

I’ve converted a v5.2 app to a v8.1 Applinx app. The URL of the SOAP service seems to have changed, as I can’t connect to it. How do I determine (or set) the URL of the web service?

Thanks, Bob Miller

It is a bit confusing at first. The documentation ( should help…

Note that the testing URL is not supported in v8 - you need to use SOAPUI or something like it to test the SOAP services.

Hi Bob,

The URL is indeed changed in ApplinX 8.* versions as now it uses WS-Stack to provide the web service interface.
However SOAP calls from previous versions are still supported in runtime and redirected by ApplinX to the new URL. If this doesn’t work, please open support request and provide the old and new ApplinX project files (gxz for 5 and gxar for 8)

You can find additional details regarding migration from older versions in the migration guide

Hope it helps