ho to delete the used process model from MWS Admin console


am using wM8.0.1 in windows 2003 R2 standard edition server, i have developed BPM process and published the MWS server, i have tested the process model so many times, please help me to delete the used process model from Administration–>Buisness–>Business processes.

am anot able to select the check box of the process model to click delete button, i observed that process model check box is enabled allow us to select it and can be delete it if we did not tested the process model ( Used–>No), If process model Used–Yes, check box is diabled.

Can any one help me on this…

Anil kumar ellendula


try using “pub.prt.admin:deleteProcess”, it should work if not then go through the traditional way :wink: i mean to say clear the PRT Audit db entires… according to me its the most efficient way to delete the models :slight_smile:

try your luck!


Process models can’t be deleted ( at least the proper way) as long as there are instances of them logged in the database.

The proper way to delete them (afaik) is:
Run the Archive/Delete jobs to cleanup the log database.
If the process instances are older than the “keep in database” value they will be archived or deleted.
If all existing instances are gone, you can delete the process model.

that’s why if you are looking for clean removal of process model and its instances… remove all the entries from PRT and AUDIT database… you can check advantage for the SQL scripts (queries) and the table information which all needs to be cleared for a particular process id.

Note: its a tricky thing… but its proper… strongly recommend only to be performed by administrators in project environment…


Thanks for reply to all, can you please list me the table names to clear the process instances and process model from DB.

Anil, you can do that with the Database Component Configurator and recreate the database ProcessAudit.

but, this will be erase all your process, hehe. I use it in my machine to clear the database.

This should help,

delete from wmprocesstransition where instanceid in(select instanceid from wmprocess where processkey=‘abc’)
delete from wmprocessstep where instanceid in(select instanceid from wmprocess where processkey=‘abc’)
delete from wmprocessrecent where processkey=‘abc’
delete from wmprocess where processkey=‘abc’
delete from wmsteptransitiondefinition where processkey=‘abc’
delete from wmstepdefinition where processkey=‘abc’
delete from wmprocessdefinition where processkey=‘abc’
delete from wmprocessimage where processkey=‘abc’ and modelversion=‘1’

Just to add on, after running the above scripts, delete all instances of the process from the following tables:

This ensures that the process gets deleted from Administration->Business->Business Processes page even if it has been used.