HL7 connection issue


I am getting below exception while trying to send data using HL7 connection. I have verified the data and it looks good. Can anyone please help!

HL7 details:
Message Type: ADT_A04
Message Version : 2.6
Encoding: ER7

Sample data:

PID|||000148000^^^^Paceart||Singh^kaustubh||1951/02/01|MALE|||Add Line 1^Add Line 2^City^AL^87889^US||989-989-8989^^^ksingh73@sapient.com|876-787-8789
IN1|||MB|Medicare (Fee for Service/ Original)||||na|||||||PRIMARY|na|OTHER|||||||||||||||||||878788787
IN1|||MB|Medicare (Fee for Service/ Original)||||na|||||||SECONDARY|na|OTHER|||||||||||||||||||878887878


Error occurred during MLLP send operation. Exception: [ART.117.4002] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to invoke adapter service wm.ip.hl7.tn.transport:mllpClient.
[ART.114.505] Error while invoking adapter service com.softwareag.ada.mllp.service.MLLPSend.
com.softwareag.ada.mllp.connection.MLLPConnection cannot be cast to com.softwareag.ada.mllp.connection.MLLPConnection


Hi Siddhartha,

what is your wM version and HL7 Adapter version?
Any Fixes applied?

Was this working earlier and stopped working now or was it not working at all?

Please check if you have the right version of the HL7 API included iin the adapter.

Does reloading the HL7 Adapter package or restarting the IntegrationServer change the behaviour?