Highest version of Oracle possible for JDBC 6.0.3 Adapter

Please let us know whats the highest version of Oracle that JBDC 6.03 Adapter supports. As per the release note of 6.0.3, there is no mention of the version of Oracle. But in the 6.0.1 release version its mentioned till Oracle 9.2.0


JDBC Adapter 6.0.3 supports Oracle 8.x, 9.x, 10g

You can find this information in the “Software Requirements” section of “webMethods_JDBC_Adapter_Installation_Guide_6-0-3.pdf” (page # 8) under Adapter bookshelf:


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even 11g will be possible when running on JVM 1.5+, but this is only supported for IS 7.1.x, which in turn will be using JDBC Adapter 6.5, as this version will be supporting some new features introduced in WmART 6.5.

Regarding Oracle 8.x, only versions beyond 8.1.7 should be considered, as the older versions might not be compatible with the recent drivers provided by Oracle.

10g R2 drivers should be used as they provide better support for LOBs (even in Thin Mode) than the older drivers.
10g drivers are supported by Oracle against all 10g and 9i R2 versions.
For other versions you should check Oracle TechNet for details.