Highcharts use


I realized that MashZone is using highcharts in some templates but I was wondering if we can use it in the apps or there are some license implications, it’s an enterprise application.


Hello Oscar,

Are you trying to extend MashZone features using highcharts ? Or, you want to use highcharts to use your own custom apps?


Hello Gyan,

Thanks for your reply. I want to use highcharts in custom apps.


Thanks for response. Please refer to Software AG legal information

It says -
This software may include portions of third-party products. For third-party copyright notices, license terms, additional rights or restrictions, please refer to “License Texts, Copyright Notices and Disclaimers of Third Party Products”. For certain specific third-party license restrictions, please refer to section E of the Legal Notices available under “License Terms and Conditions for Use of Software AG Products / Copyright and Trademark Notices of Software AG Products”. These documents are part of the product documentation, located at http://softwareag.com/licenses and/or in the root installation directory of the licensed product(s).