Hide the Shared tab in a java service

Hi All,
Can anyone tell me how to hide the “Shared” tab in a java service?
Or how to make the “Source” and “Shared” tab read only in any java service?
Thanks in Advance.


Getting rid of the .java source, the .idf files and the .frag files will eliminate all source from your java services.

Track down any *.idf files under the ns directory and delete them. That’s where the shared source lives.

Blowing away the .frag files and .java files will ensure there is no other source remaining.

I’d recommend doing this in the exported zip file to make sure you don’t accidentally blow away something important. (open up winzip, sort by type and track down .java, .idf and .frag files and delete them… so long as the .class files are still there, your java services will run fine).

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