Hidden Column issue

Hi All,

My Requirement:
We have 45 columns in the database. In the search results page, the user wants only 12 column values be displayed, and in the search page, we have a field (DOWNLOAD SELECTION) which holds all the 45 column names.
Suppose for a particular invoice number the user wants to see some more column values along with the 12 values in the search results page, he should be able to do that.

For that, I have written the code and prepared the search results UI with all the 33 columns as Hidden Columns except the 12 columns. The screen is working is working when I don’t select anything in the DOWNLOAD SELECTION field. But when I select some more column values in the field, the data are getting mismatched. for example: the Invoice Number is showing in Received Date field.

Could someone please suggest how to achieve this.


Hi Jyoti,

for the field with the column names you should habe a DataProvider.

For each Item in the DataProvider there is a attribute if it is selected or not.
Use this one as a data binding for the visibility status of the columns.

Make sure that empty values for the select columns are returned in the result set to have the exact amount of values available for the amount of columns visible.

You will have to redo the search when the number of columns is changed as the data in the data provider might not contain all neccessary data from previous search.

Please provide more details and eventually a screen shot of the page if possible.

Which version of wM are we talking about?


Hi Holger,

I am using 9.8 version.
Please find the screenshot attached for the field(DOWNLOAD SELECTION) which contains all the column names and the search results page screen is also attached which is only showing 12 columns and the other 33 columns are made Hidden Columns.
When the user will provide inputs in the search screen page along with some selected column names in the DOWNLOAD SELECTION field and click on SEARCH button, the results page should show only those 12 columns but when he downloads the data as excel, the excel sheet should show the 12 column values and the selected column values.
e.g. the user selected 3 columns in the DOWNLOAD SELECTION field and click on the search button and downloads the data, the excel sheet should show 12+3=15 column values.

For the DOWNLOAD SELECTION field, I created a preference(selectedDownloadSelection) in the portlet.xml and bound it to the field. please find the screenshot for that. And in the before render response, I wrote this code::
where searchCriteriaInput is the object for the input of the service.

Could you please let me know what is a DataProvider and how to create it.