Here is Solution For ur JDBC conn in wM-Oracle 9i (windowsXP-SP2)

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I have already give the solution for thin driver in my privious thread this time I am giving total solution for both type of driver thin and thick(oci). so try it and let me know ur reply.:slight_smile:

I am using following:-
Operating system - Windows XP SP-2
Databse - Oracle 9i (version-
JVM version - 1.6 (It will work in 1.4 and higher Version too)

It Required 3 jar files
1.ojdbc14.jar(U can find this from oracle official site)
2.classes12.jar & classes111.jar file from ur oracle installation directory
Remember dont use &
Example:- C:\ORACLE-9i\jdbc\lib[COLOR=Black]classes12.jar
* 1. copy ojdbc14.jar file for thin driver, into
C:\Program Files\webMethods61\IntegrationServer\lib\jars\ojdbc14.jar

* 2. copy classes12.jar & classes111.jar file for thick(oci) driver, into(same path like step 1)
C:\Program Files\webMethods61\IntegrationServer\lib\jars\classes12.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods61\IntegrationServer\lib\jars\classes111.jar

The path will be same for these three jar files

* 3. set envoirment variable in computer- property’s- advanced tab
in system variabel areia’s variables column select path(double click) and past the acuurate path of both above files (Give once bcoz they are in same location/path).

NOTE :- Restart ur system or atleast ur IS.

* 4. In wM dev ariea always create new package and new folder , it will reduce complexcity.

Than set following details -----------------fill this all with extra care(Dont leave any blank space before or after the name)


Connection _____________JDBC Adapter Connection
Package________________NEWORACLE (ur pakage name)

Connection Properties:-

Transaction Type ________NO_TRANSACTION
DataSource Class ________oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleConnectionPoolDataSource
(or oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource) choose any one
serverName _____________localhost (or UR IP ADDRE like
user ___________________system(oracle DB user)
password _______________****** (DB user releted Password)
databaseName __________WMDB(DB which made by u in oracle)
portNumber _____________1521(not 1433 and 2030)
networkProtocol _________tcp (dont use TCP/IP or FTP or in CAPITAL latters)
Other Properties _________driverType=thin (or oci dont write in Capital latters)

Connection Management Properties:-

Enable Connection Pooling __true
Minimum Pool Size ________0 (or 1, “0 is batter”)
Maximum Pool Size ________10
Pool Increment Size _______1
Block Timeout ____________1000
Expire Timeout ___________1000
Startup Retry Count _______0
Startup Backoff Timeout ____10

[COLOR=Purple]And last if u r facing any problem in JDBC connection with oracle 9i, let me know that, i will solve ur problem as per my level. :wink:[/color]

[SIZE=3]Thanx To
Mr.Vijay & Mr.Gupta Sir
And Dear Ajeet.

I appreciate your effort to put it together. Also, please make a note of below-

[SIZE=2]ojdbc14.jar - JDBC driver for JDK 1.4
classes12.jar - JDBC driver for JDK 1.2, 1.3
classes111.jar - JDBC driver for with JDK 1.1

Depending on your jvm and probably the oracle database, you only need one of them.
The driver is needed for both thin and oci connections. In addition, OCI connectivity also needs the Oracle client libraries installed and present in the system path.

As sekay points out, you don’t need all three driver files.

Also, readers should keep in mind that all of this information is readily available within the wM documentation–for Oracle and other databases.

Hi All,

I would like to know what is the significance of the following parameters in the JDBC Adapter connection.

Block Timeout ____________1000
Expire Timeout ___________1000

Startup Retry Count _______0
Startup Backoff Timeout ____10


Review the JDBC Adapter User Guide. This information is also available in the on-line help in Administrator–when you are viewing the JDBC connection configuration, click the Help link.

The startup parameters are not described for some reason, but they are used to control retries if the connection fails during startup.