HELPWM trigger doesnbt work

Webthod can’t receive the document sent from enterprise.
On wm server log,the error message is: ENTERPRISE ADAPTER LOG: “Calling connection from waitForData” [BAT.0002.0000] ǶÌ×Òì³££º [BAF.0002.0000] ǶÌ×Òì³££º [BAF.0002.0000] ǶÌ×Òì³££º [BAC.0005.0004] CodecException£º
I have tried disable the trigger and enable it again,but failed.
Before yesterday,all the trigger worked well.
the only change i did yesterday is change the unix user profile,i changed user language to chinese,otherwise,wm can’t generate chinese file.Does it matter?
Thank you so much!


Assuming that this will work when you change the profile language back to it’s previous value, what may be happening is that the trigger is subscribed to a document by its english document (event) name.