Help Wanted: Calling testers for new version Flow Code Quality software

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We are looking for volunteers to test drive the new version of our FlowMastr code quality software. The software runs quality and consistency checks on Flow services and other IS assets and generates reports in different formats to explain which improvements must or can be made.

The purpose of this test drive is to confirm the quality, completeness and coverage of our testing rule set. Having exhausted our own testing creativity, we hope to find new challenges and complexities within the greater community.

As part of the test drive, you will be provided with a copy of the client software (IS package), an API key to connect with our cloud-based validation engine and a 30 day trial license.

If interested, please reach out to me on or simply reply to this post.

More information about the software can be found on

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Is there any information available on what checks are performed? I ask because we also have implemented an SCA tool for flow services (for internal usage in our company) that performs quite sophisticated checks. And that blazingly fast because it runs within the IS. Many developers can’t imagine working without it anymore because it finds things no human being would ever find. Without it they feel unprotected since there is no compiler (as e.g. in Java) etc.

I’d be interested to know whether other tools do more or less than ours.

The software has rules for concrete code structures, code compliance, property checks, security checks, dependency checks, deprecation checks, third-party library dependencies, environment readiness, and many more. And all rules are configuration based and fully customizable per user.

Sent while on the road. Excuse occasional typos.

You can find more details on

Sent while on the road. Excuse occasional typos.

Yes, I have already visited the site (nicely made BTW!), but could not find the information about the checks performed. The site only states, there are many, but there are no examples etc.

Our tool can, just for instance, detect an assignment to a non-existing field within a (typed) document. Can flowmastr do that?

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Thanks for the compliment :blush:

Let’s have an offline conversation. The rules of the forum are strict regarding “advertising” of any sort and I don’t want to break those rules. Can you contact me on That way we can speak more freely. I’ll make sure to add a summary of that conversation here for reference for the others.



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