Help required on pub.monitor.service:getList

Hi ,
I am using pub.monitor.service:getList service to fetch a specific services list for a given period
Inputs provided to this service:
serviceName:provided the service name in our environment
status:just set the value,not selected anything from the drop-down (Since i wanted to fetch all the services which falls on the specified range)
range:Year to date

Output:It is resulting some around 74 services in stance.

If i query the same from MWS by giving the service name ,range and in status all i am getting some around 49 services.

What i have observed is when i have ran using the pub.monitor.service:getList i could see that there are some services which are with activity are also coming but where as if i query from MWS these services with Activity state are not coming.

Can some one help me in this regard…:confused: