wm.server.query:getServiceStats not returning all services

I’m trying to automate a summary of service usage using the results provided by wm.server.query:getServiceStats. However the service does not return a complete list. There doesn’t seem to be any apparent reason, some services in the same folder of the same package are not returned at all.

Does anyone know why this is? Is there some way I can get a complete list of service statistics?


From what user you were trying to login and retrieve from the developer/designer as Administrator?


Not as the actual administrator user, but not a restricted user. I should mention that it’s a remote invoke.

About 70% of the services are returned.

sorry there is no other service which can get you that kind of deep details.

Did you explore WmRoot/stats-general.dsp also?

Yes that’s the only service. I was more wondering under what circumstances some services would not show up.

Thanks anyway.

Question goes to SAG :smiley: