webMethods in-Built Monitor Services Query

Hello ,

I have created a resubmit service lately using the in-built monitor services .

This is the background :

  • I have set the Auditing as always and Log On as Error Only for the Service A (lets just assume the name A)

  • Now my resubmit service would run on a scheduled basis and will pick up the failed records(pub.monitor.service:getList) for Service A for a specific range of time and try to resubmit or resend again(pub.monitor.serviceControl:resubmit).

Now , I have been noticing the following issue for the past few days the service started to ran :

  • When it pulls in the failed records from the Monitor DB , its also pulling the records that has been already tried earlier to be resubmitted and failed as they get logged into Monitor DB with the current retry date - so the list of the failed records to be extracted is growing .

I was thinking if there is any way to have a check on the number of retries my service would make for a particular transaction.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated .

Thanks ,

In the properties of flow service, you can find ‘Transient error handling’ where you can set max retries when the root service fails with ISRuntimeException.

While invoking the pub.monitor.service:getList service, you can provide ‘fromDate’ and ‘toDate’ so you don’t repeat the same operation for dates that are already taken care.