help regarding monitor broker health

Hi Everybody,

   I need suggestion regarding Monitoring Broker health like queue information and servers which are connected to the broker. I know this can be done using the webMethods optimizer but here we are not ready to use the optimizer or any other third party tools.

  We thought to monitor Broker connection and queue information. Please advice if we can monitor any other things as well in broker.

   Anyhow we can find out which are the brokers connected to the integration servers using the I would like to know how we can find out the queue’s information like no of queues, max size etc.

Any idea/thought would be would be appreciated. 


Hi Everybody,

     I just want to add few more information like what or other thing which we need to monitor through programmatically. Please advice it’s an immediate issue.


This statement will not help you get answers any faster. In fact, it will most likely encourage members to ignore your post.