Broker queue stacked

I’m using MWS 6.5.2 and Broker messaging 6.5.2…
Lot many documents are stacked in broker queue due to some other reasons which got resolved. But the issue now is, there are thousands of records in the broker queue which r getting processed slowly, changed the threads setting in trigger management, it is working for some extent,but still its slow, hope that all the documents get processed by next couple of days:)
My question is, whether there are any settings we can do, so that whenever broker queue is filled with certain number of documents(eg:300) there should be some alert. Is there any thing we can set in MWS(messaging interface). I would appreciate if any of u can respond…

Thanks in advance.

The broker has a JAVA Admin api that allows you to write a small java program to monitor broker queues. You can get queue depth, last published time etc. It is very effective and runs outside of the IS server which is good, cause it’s usually the IS server causing the problem with the broker.

Hi Mark,
Thanku very much for ur quick response. Is there any instructions document on this plz. Can you plz give me some more details plz.

Thanks in advance.

The Broker Java API is contained within the Doc’s directory of the Broker install. It is also available on Advantage.

Just to add, you can also get these alerts, if you have Manager/Optimize Server installed and configured. If you do not already have it, Broker Java API is the way to go.