Help reconstituting loggings \"event\" field in th

Can anyone help. We are attempting to build a small application that will allow up to access the log outside the Integration Monitor for more widespread viewing of log data. Can anyone tell me how to reconstitute the event field defined as a LONG RAW in Oracle. I retireve it in Java as a byte array but don’t know where to go from there.

Thanks Al

I went down this same path a while ago and the project was put on the back-burner but here is what I remember. The ent_activation table field name “event” is a binary representation of the actual event. You would need to cast this byte array to reconstruct the event with the name from the column “event_type_name”. I think you can do something like this:

BrokerEvent myEvent = BrokerEvent.fromBinData(getClient(),myByteArray) where myByteArray is the data from the event column.

Let me know if this works as I may be going down this path again soon as the Integration Monitor tool is one of the biggest weaknesses of this product.


Thanks, that does the trick.

Can you please provide a detail procedure for this. I am trying to do a similar sort of thing. I have writtena java program which gets the data from event field as binary stream and I am exporting to an text file. But some characters are unreadable.
Could you please help.

Hi Al, Tom, or anyone,

I know this is an old post. Can you please give some direction? I’m trying to do similar thing, but when i tried to parse the binary data to a readable string, some characters are not readable. Can you please help? I’ve been struggling with this for two days now.