Binary to Alphanumeric conversion

I want to convert a binary word to alphanumeric value. How can i do that?

I want to convert 9B720100 which is binary to alphanumeric one…

I used the EM=ZZ but it says out that the edit mask is too long or specified incorrectly…

Waiting for the reply,

The correct edit mask would be EM=HHHH ( or EM=H(4) ), which converts 4 bytes of hex data to their “string representation”.

Maybe this code is suitable, too:

#alpha-field := H'9B720100'

Nope, this will just put hex (unprintable) characters into #alpha-field, but it won’t generate an “edited” representation of the hex value.

Moving that hexadecimal value to an Alphanumeric variable will give the contents in normal form, as i believe.

#var1 is defined as A4

This will give the alphanumeric content of the given hexadecimal value which is


Correct me if i am wrong…


To display/write/print you can use

 DISPLAY var1 (EM=H(4))

To move the value in printable form to another alpha variable you can use

 MOVE EDITED var1 (EM=H(4)) TO var2

Sorry, but I thought we talk about conversion and not about representation.