HELP Passing pdfbs docs around within webMethods

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We have requirements to pass non-text files around in our integration environment via webMethods.
How do people pass pdf’s, word docs, etc… around within webMethods ?



I believe currently webMethods don’t support those type of documents…

unless they should be converted to webMethods readable files using some external tools…

You can read ANY content into webMethods as a BINARY object.

To send a pdf file, excel spreadsheet, a photograph or anything else, invoke pub.file:getFile and choose BYTES as the preferred method of retrieval. Whether SMTP or HTTP, both support the bytes object.

As to what the receiving system does with the content, they will need to be able to convert from bytes to “objectType”, or they can simply persist the bytes object to a local harddrive for another piece of client software to interpret (adobe reader.)

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Ram, Ray, thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it. I posted a part B to my question back at the other thread:


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