Help on Migration of WM 46 from Solaris 8x to Solaris 10x


We are going to migrate the WM 4.6 components (IS & TN) running in Solaris 8.x Box to Solaris 10.x. We are not going to upgrade any of the WM components and as well as the application. We are going to upgrade the hardware and OS only. Currently we installed JDK 1.3.1 and the Integration server is refering to that JDK.

Please let me know whether the JVM need to be upgraded to accommodate the new OS or can I have the same version as in the current system.


Hi Ravi,

I think you already posted this in some other thread… okay…

Have you already done with your development environment? What has been your experience with it?


Careful there, wM does not support JVM versions higher that 1.3.1 with IS 4.6 or below. If I remember correctly, the 1.4 JVM is not compatible (it breaks things) with IS 4.x. In fact, we started having wM Scheduler errors once we upgraded to 1.3.1 patch 15. Also, Oracle 9i or greater is not supported with TN 4.x or below.

I doubt Solaris 10 is supported for IS 4.6. Have you checked on advantage yet?