Help Needed

I need to e-mail an error array.How do i do that.Do i need to convert it to string to e-mail ,If so please tell me what services to use.Thanks in advance



There are no such builtin services.
Basically you have to develop a logic,for that you need to loop thru the errorArray (Check the pipeline what are the different variables exist under that and then using the variable substituion set this in string and map this string in the body parameter of smtp service.

Another option is try to create ISDocumenList type that replicate like errorArray(documentlist) and map the errorArray to the above documentList and loop thru the list and try to append the values to a string and sent it in the email body.

Ofcourse this process logic should be handled carefully.


What kind of an error array do you have? If you have errors in an IS Document (like exceptionInfo), one of the way to achieve what you want is by converting that document into an XML string (use pub.xml:documentToXMLString) and send that string into the email.

Again, it depends on what kind of an array you have for errors… if it is not a document or is not worth converting into the document, what RMG suggested is the right approach… you are gonna have to build some process logic.