Help needed in sending acknowledgement

I am using 7B1 PIP and need help in sending the acknowledgment back after receiving the PIP and validating it against the DTD. Could someone tell me in what record format do I need to send the acknowledgement and how. What should be in the body of the ack etc. Am I supposed to send it to the same URL from where the PIP message originated. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi rajesh,

I hope u would have resolved ur problem now…
I need the similar functionality in my RosettaNet development with WM601.
I’m receiving an External Document(PIP 4A5) in my TN and this triggers the the first step ‘Wait for External Request document’ in the Process Model created for RosettaNet PIP 4A5 document. But the process got struck up here and keep on waiting at the first step and not moving to the second step(Inbound Validation).

can u help me in resolving this problem…


Hi Arun,

Your issue is slightly different from what Rajesh is facing. Let me try to address both issues.

You have not mentioned what version of RosettaNet you are using but if you are using 6.01, all you have to do it just make sure that the service is being called in the Send Receipt Ack step. That service will automatically create the receipt acknowledgement depending on what version of RosettaNet you are using and send it back to the person who sent you the original message. You do not have to do anything special for this. If you are using 4.6, then do the same in the Send Receipt Ack step in the conversation step. Hope this helps.

The reason why your process is not going past the first step is because the complex join in that first step is not generated correctly because you modified the process model from the template.
If you read the documentation on customizing the process model you will notice that after you assign the starting document to the wait for external document step you need to go into the complex join and assign the newly subscribed doctype to the complex join in that step. To do this, delete the package created for the model from the IS. (Make sure it is deleted from the file system) reassign the newly added doctype to the complex join on the first step and regenerate the process. This should solve your problem.



I am facing a peculiar problem. We are using 7B1 and 3B2PIP. We have two vendors who send the these two documents to us. Everything was working fine till last week.

All the things were setup

We are on webMethod 6.1.
The servers and ports etc all configured. We were receiving documents into the our system

Suddenly over past 5 days, all the signals are not getting processed. we are seeing that in the modeller , the process is shown as started, but it stops after the first step(Wait for External Request document) before finishing the second step Inbound validation

What could have gone wrong. What do we need to do?. Is this a modellor Issue.

Please help

We have our RN process configured on WM 6.1 and can receive and process the PO just fine. The customer is telling us they are not getting our receipt ACK and we can find nothing indicating that it is in fact being sent. We turned our logs up to the highest level and recieved a PO and we see only one post to our customer and that was for the PO Confirm doc, we see nothing for the receiptack.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi Jane,

Is your RN process starting and are you able to see the process status in the Monitor? If you turn your logging level to 6 in the IS, you should see an informational message in the IS log indicating that the "receipt ack is being sent to <partner’s URL>. It should also show a return http code being received (200 or 202 based on the type of rnif transport being used).

Once you receive a message from you partner and if the process starts, the incoming message will be validated and an ack will be sent back to the customer almost in the very next step. Please look at the process model.


Hi Ravi,

Quick Question.
Is the very first step in “Waiting” status (blue circle with three dots in it)? or is it in “Completed” (Green circle with Check mark inside it) status?

Please let me know!



I am experiencing a similar problem.  I am receiving a 3A4 PIP from a customer, TN is identifying the document and invoking the process model.  The validation and send receipt ack steps complete.  I can see the Receipt Ack in TN with the correct sender/receiver IDs.  The process status = "NEW" and that is as far as it goes.  Any help would be much appreciated.



Hi Brian,

I am guessing you are using webMethods 6.1. To fix this issue,
(1) delete the package created by the process model in the IS package management page.
(2) Restart the server
(3) From the Modeler, go to the complex join editor for the “Wait for ack” step and reassign the documents from the join editor list. Save the process model and regenerate it. (you might have to do this to the other steps where there is a complex join between a transition and a TN doctype)

Once you do these, the process will get past the wait for ack step!
Hope this helps!


Hi Raghu,

Thanks for your response. Yes, we are using wM 6.1. I am using the One Action PIP Fulfiller Model and the “Wait for Ack” step is being performed by the Initiator, (Customer). I am receiving the 4A3 PIP from the customer, my process model is identified and the following steps are completing successfully.

     Wait for external Request document 
     Inbound Validation
     Send Receipt Ack, (RA)
     Inbound Mapping
     Send to Backend

The RA is being generated and is visible in Trading Networks Console with a process status = “NEW”. There is one activity stating that the document has persisted.

It stops at that point without queuing the document for delivery to the TP.

I have since created a processing rule which attempts to send the doc to the TP. The processing rule is not executed unless I reprocess the document. When I reprocess the RA the processing rule is executed and the doc is sent to the TP.

Thanks Again,