Help Needed In Configuring Central User

Hi All,

the steps I followed are as follows:-

  1. Created the new pool definition and associated the same with central user. The pool definition is pointing to MWS database.

  2. Tested the connectivity and restarted the server.

Still am not able to configure the central user management? Could you please help me in this.?

am I missing any step?


what do you mean by that?


I am still not able to configure this as shown from the IS admin page.:wink:

have you created CentralConfiguration tables in MWS database component?
if yes . go to ACL and try to add one user there and check if central is populating in provider dropdown for user/roleā€¦

As devexpert points out, configuring CentralUsers will make no difference for your IS if you do not grant permissions thru ACL management.

If you go to ACL management, you should be able to add roles/groups from CentralUsers.