help me how to delpoy the Business process models,TASKs, Bla

Hi All,

i want help to migrate the business process models , tasks and blaze business rules and BAM setup from one environment t another environment, please any help me how migrate the development work DEV env to TEST env and PROD env…etc.
am using wM8 version.

anil kumar ellendula

Hello Anil.

Have you used the webMethods Deployer?
It is intended for just this purpose - to deploy webMethods assets from one environment to another.

There are Deployer plugins for business processes, services, CAF applications, BAM, etc. The Deployer also should create deployment sets by examining dependencies from the top-level asset you select. So you can just deploy a process, and that will find the services, rules, etc. that it invokes, and deploy them all to the environment of your choosing.

I think this should suit your needs.


Michael Thanks for reply.

yes i need to do with deployer tool , i have the deployer tool, can u please tell me what are the steps need to take care while deployement, am going through the 8-0-SP1_Deployer_Users_Guide.pdf document, but please tell me what are the steps need to take care for tasks deployment , process models and blaze rules, and Business activities like KPI’s and etc… and also confirm me that in document mentioned that Setting Up Connections to Optimize Servers, while setting up the optimise server, here optimize server is broker server i.e broker://hostname:6849/Broker #1/analysis or any other servers like analytc engine and data collector and web service data collector…

anil kumar ellendula