Hi All,

I am working on a TRADACOMS ORDERS message. Its a mapping from the
TRADACOMS format to User defined Application Format.

What I found in the input file provided to me was that it had the
following sections i.e ORDHDR, then the ORDERS, then the ORDTLR. But
when I went through the TRADACOMS specifications I found that these
are three different message sets. But the input file supplied to me
has all the three messages together.

How do I code this map? I am using GENTRAN Server and Application
Integration for mapping. So when I build a new map I am selecting
ORDERS but what about the ORDHDR and ORDTLR messages that is also
included in the input file? How do I translate that? Do I have to
create three separate maps? Or is there any way to process three
message sets at one time.

Please advise as this is the first time I am working on TRADACOMS.