help in creating IS Tables and MWS Tables in respective Sche

Hi All,

I have two seperate DB schemas for integration and MWS.
am planning to create respective IS and MWS Tables in two IS and MWS Databse schemas, am using DB Component Configurator.

In Database component Options it has below steps.

PRODUCT - Integration Server
PRODUCT - My webMethods
PRODUCT - Optimize
PRODUCT - Trading Networks

please any one help me which option i need to select to create IS Related Tables in IS DB Schema and MWS Related Tables in MWS DB Schema.

Anil Kumar ellendula

Hi Anil,

There’s a file called ProductDefinition.xml if you look into /common/db/definition installation folder
which contains what components are there in each PRODUCT component. I think this can give you a quick idea on what you can do best.

Given that you have 2 separate schema for IS and MWS, you may:

For MWS :

-> “PRODUCT - My webMethods Server” will install all 3 related MWS components (it’s the same if you select MywebMethodsServer for your Database Component)

For IS:

  • If you do “PRODUCT - All”, this will install all components that are included in (PRODUCT_IntegrationServer, PRODUCT_MywebMethodsServer, PRODUCT_OPTIMIZE,PRODUCT_TRADINGNETWORKS)

    • since this option gives you some extra components that are related to MWS then you may want to do DROP DB Component “PRODUCT_MywebMethods Server” (but this will only drop 1 component related to MWS)
  • You can install each PRODUCT components separately (PRODUCT_IntegrationServer, PRODUCT_OPTIMIZE, PRODUCT_TRADINGNETWORKS) in the same IS database.

Hope this helps.

All the best,