Help! How To Send Doc Via C1 OnRamp??

In the OnRamp for Commerce One MarketSite User’s Guide, on page 105 it gives instructions on how to send a document, but I either don’t understand what they are saying, or it’s wrong.

Under the “Create a Processing Rule for Sending Envelopes” section, step 1 suggests wrapping the xCBL document in another xml doc which has fields for sender, recipient, etc. I have done that and I submit that to TN using routeXML in a service.

Step 2 then says that if I have wrapped the document as suggested, I should strip it out and “then call the [TN] service to persist the xCBL document to the Trading Networks database as the xmldata content part”

I don’t understand if they mean that I should persist a new BizDoc to the TN database or if I’m supposed to persist the same BizDoc with a changed xmldata part to the TN database.

All I want to do is strip out my xCBL and have it delivered by the C1 Envelope HTTP(S) service so it will capture the outgoing MML envelope and the acknowledgement that comes back.

Can someone steer me in the right direction or show me how this is supposed to be done???


Charles Caron