CommerceOne Receiving incoming doc

Hi ,
I am new to C1. I have installed commercone onramp on my webmehtods environment. The client will be posting an xCBL doc to my system.
Could anyone please calrify me about the below:

  1. What URL I need to provide him to post the xCBL.?
  2. How does my webmehtods recibves the XCBL. is it the TN recives or C1 module ?
  3. What all the configurations i need to change in the TN for C1.
  4. What is the realtion between TN and C1.
  5. How come the C1 recognises what type of document it is receiving (PO/Order Status Request/…)?
    6)is C1 like TN or it makes use of TN to frowad the doc.
  6. What are the configurations I need to do to invoke processing rule related to particluar type of documet.(PO/OSR)??

Any help is appreciated…