Help about installing BAM 6.1.5

Hi everybody!

I’m a beginner in the world of EAI and use of WebMethods products so I need help from you.

Currently I have to install and configure a prototype of BAM using WebMethods Manager and Optimize (version 6.1.5).

I read a lot of topics on this forum and docs I find on advantage, but I still need some help :

1 - For this prototype, I just need to present statistic of utilisation by interface (number of WebMethods document exchanged). What products do I need ? Only Manager console ? Optimize ? Manager Server ?

2 - During install, it seems to be good but when I start the controller, some errors occured :
net.sf.hibernate.JDBCException: could not delete collection: [com.dante.util.ConfigItem.attributes#262]

Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

I read that’s a problem of privilege for a database user, but how do I know where is the problem ?

3 - “webMethods OMI Monitor Agent” and “webMethods OMI Topology Agent” aren’t deployed ! Do someone have an idea of the problem ?

4 - I try to deploy a new DCA to my unique satellite (on the same host as the controller) but it doesn’t appears in the Data Collection Agents list :frowning: Do you have any suggestion ? Is it because I don’t have a Manager Server ?

Thank’s for reading my post and for all your help

  1. Manager Server and Console should be sufficient.

  2. Apparently the user account to interact with the DB doesn’t have the permissions it needs. Reconfirm that the user account for your Oracle instance has the permissions identified in the BAM docs.

  3. Configuring the deployment of agents requires updating config files by hand. Follow the instructions in the BAM Administrator’s Guide precisely and completely. Anything that’s missed or wrong will prevent things from working. For the OMI agents to get any meaningful data, you’ll need Manager. Otherwise there won’t be anything for them to monitor.

  4. Don’t put the satellite on the same host as the controller. It can be done but I’ve found it problematic from a configuration standpoint. DCA deployments are controlled by the config files–you have to make sure you get everything configured just right.


First of all thanks for your answers.

  1. The problem is that I just have Manager Console and Optimize. I don’t have licence key for Manager Server :frowning:
    Do you think it’s nevertheless possible to manage number of WebMethods documents exchanged ? If yes, what do I have to install ?

  2. Ok I’ll will check my configuration

  3. ok

  4. I can’t install the satellite on an other host than the controller, I have only one computer to my disposal. Is there something special to do for making a good configuration ?

Thanks a lot

  1. You can’t be using Manager Console if you don’t have a license for Manager Server. They are both part of a single solution. Having just Optimize without Manager Server isn’t a very good thing either.

  2. Just make sure you follow the docs.

Yes you can still track the number of documents exchanges. You will have to create a satellite that consumes the messages from the Broker ( in case that is the point where your docuemts are exchanged) . This satellite can be monitored for tracking the number of documents consumed. Please do remember that you will have go in for a custom XML files to acheive this purpose.