Having issues in registering Raspberry Pi 3 to Platform

I am unable to register the device in the Cumulocity platform. The status says “Waiting for connection”. I believe it is because I am unable to edit the in the cumulocity.properties. I am not from coding background, so i may need further advice to do the edits

There’s good setup documentation available here. I set mine up a few years ago using this content.


Thanks Kasi for the response and documentation. Infact i followed the documentation similar to what you suggested available for Raspberry Pi 4
I want to know if it is mandatory to set up the tenant URL in the cumulocity.properties file.

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The device needs to connect to the platform you’re trying to connect to.
Check the solution on this link.


Hi…I fair gotten a Pi3 and swapped it with a Pi2 Completely Anticipating it to not work at all. To my shock it did (and I’ve been attempting to figure out all morning what was going on) since everything worked (In spite of the fact that I had a few inquisitive mistake messages) I’ve since annihilated all follow of what I had some time recently and the pi 3 is presently running fair fine

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