Send data from raspberry pi to platform cumulocity iot

I add appariel raspberry pi to cumulocity .But my problem is how to send data to cumulocity with raspberry pi ! Can anyone help solve this problem.Any help is appreciated

Hi Youssef,

there are a lot of examples and documentation out there to use a raspberry pi with Cumulocity IoT.

and many more.

Hello stefan ,
i added raspberry’s ID to cumulocity but it won’t connect, even after changing the host in the raspberry pi and connecting raspberry to the wifi.

Hi Youseef,

which agent do you use on the raspberry pi? There might be logs of that agents that could help to identify the issue

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Hi Youssef,

I definitely recommend for easily connecting and sending data to Cumulocity from a Raspberry Pi. This getting started guide is written specifically for the Raspberry Pi and will take you through everything from installation to connection to sending data.
Getting started with - docs

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How to remove raspberry pi from cumulocity iot environment

How to delete a device is described here in the docs → Go to Device Management > All Devices, hover over your device and a delete button will appear on the right.

thank you i resolved the problem, you have just to delet the folder cumulocity-rpi-agent located in /usr/share,using rm -r command

thank you MR.Louisse ffor your advice ,

I have tried the guide you recommanded , but i had this error in phase "the certifcate is upploaded "
so please i would l

ike to know what do you recommand to fix this error.

You need to check in Administration → Users/Roles if your user has the “admins” role which contains ROLE_TENANT_ADMIN or ROLE_TENANT_MANAGEMENT_ADMIN. If not assign it to the “admins” role and to your user.