Hashtable's get method

In Webmethods65 in PS Utilities package Hashtable folder: To retrieve the values of Hashtable we need to use get method which returns an object as value. How to convert this Object to Integer value using webmethods6.5. or do i have to go by using java service.

The WmTransformationServices package, which is available on Advantage, contains many object conversion services including one for IntegerToString. Pretty sure you could map the output of the PSUtils sample getHashtableValue service into the input of the IntegerToString or perhaps just map directly from the object into another object that has its props set to constrain it to Integer.

The approach depends on what you want to do with the Integer value after getting it from the hashtable.


Believe you can map the Object returned into a String & then add a map step & multiply the String value with 1. You should get an Integer value.