EDI STC Mapping of Integer fails in convertToString


I have mapping of claim amounts on the STC segment, where amount can be with 2 decimals, eg. 11.23, 203.99,

When the convertToString service is executed, it shows up as: 9.7E19.7E1*

How to handle this transformation.

Please help.

You need to change format settings in the WmEDI/MWS (8.2) home page

Edit Format Settings and set it to false


we don’t use MWS, and we are on IS 7.1.2. Can it be done any other way?

If 712 yes then click on the Solutions–>EDI home page link thru ISAdminCosole you will be able to do it from UI…If not dig thru the filesystem WmEDI Package folders for the formatting file:



Thanks a lot RMG,

Just to understand, what this will do?

As I am afraid, if by changing this settings, if I might break other developers existing Code already in prod, that they might have handled within the code and now with this new settings will have different values.

Nothing will affect…you should be ok with formattings and transports to other env: