How to get hexa decimal value in developer

Hi All,
I am trying to get haxa value in webMethods developer.
/u001A hex value is equivalent to 1A.
Please help me any ways to get hex value,

Thanks in advance,

Use 0x1A


What service are you using? Where are you trying to set this char? Answers to these will determine how to specify this character properly.

Hi Reamon, Shubro
I am using string replace service.
For Ex : Input parameters
inString : Happy Xmas
searchSring : space (want to replace space with hexa value)
replaceString : /u001A or 0x1A

Output parameters:
value : Happy1AXmas (Here 1A is Hexa decimal value so it is occupying only one character instead of two characters)

Shubro i tried as per your suggestion, but still i am not able to getting hexa value.
Please help me out.
Thanks in advance,

You’ll need to convert this sequence yourself. This post has the code for a Java service that you can use to create the replacement character from the unicode sequence.