Hardware configuration for a server

An interested customer called up in order to inquire about the hardware configurations for NEE if installed in a server with 5 user clients accessing it. I’ve searched through servlin24 to look for any documents regarding this but have not found any. To give you a background of the plan, customer is running its application using natural 3.16 in MF with OS Z/OS 1.4. The intention is to move all of the natural objects from MF to a NT server using SYSTRANS and then run NEE. It is estimated that there are around 20K natural objects currently running in the MF. Would appreciate it if anyone can give me an idea or provide a document to which I can base my answer from. The customer is currently waiting for a reply.


This is not easy to answer. However some rule of thumb may be of interest.

  1. number of CPU’s:
    If your client wants to run multiple NEE investigations in parallel, then more than one CPU may improve performance. However the load of the NEE database will be done only once and than smaller update runs will occur more frequently.
  2. CPU speed, etc:
    Helps always, if CPU is a problem, however cache size is very important as well. The server editions from Intel or AMD should be used anyway.
  3. Memory:
    You will never have to much memory.
  4. Disks:
    For optimal performance you will need multiple disk drives to spread IO across disks, for example the data base containder files for ASSO and DATA may be placed on separate disks. You should look for fast disks. Disk capacity is usually not an issue.

You may start with a configuration having one 3GHz CPU, large cache, 2 GB memory and two fast disks. I would recommend to buy a system that may get a second CPU as upgrade if necessary.
I hope this helps.