Handling operations for devices using agent

Referring to the “Device Control” section:
In order to create/retrieve/update operation for a device, the device must be in the “child devices” hierarchy of an existing agent.

I have 10 devices and want to manage their operations through the agent and the thing that I do not understand how the agent handles real-time operation subscriptions for all devices in its child hierarchy.

For example how the agent will know that the generated operation is for device 1 and not for any other device. Also for such subscriptions which URL is to use?:

  • /cep/realtime

  • /devicecontrol/notifications


the Agent Object is not really a device and is therefor not visible in the Device Management. So the Operations within the platform are created on Device Level not on the Agent Level… Example: Operation A for Device 1. Operation B for Device 2 etc.
The operation contains all relevant information also the Device Managed Object ID it was created for.

For Operations /devicecontrol/notifications is the correct one.

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