How to get the Realtime value for MangeObject with fregementType c8y_IsDevice


I have list of device which I want to update on realtime.

To update the list of device realtime, I am calling an realtime service.

        this.realtime.subscribe(`/inventory/managedObjects`, ((device) => {
            const operation: IManagedObject =;
            console.log('Device gets updated: ', device);

I am also calling the above function in ngOninit. But the list is not getting refresh.

I am getting a list using “inventory/managedObjects” with the params like pageSize, CurrentPage, fragmentType=c8y_IsDevice.

How can I get the list of device realtime if the device is created, updated, or deleted?


according to the documentation (Cumulocity IoT - OpenAPI Specification) you would need to use /managedobjects/* as the channel you subscribe to.

The WebSDK also offers an ManagedObjectRealtimeService (Web SDK documentation) that might be easier to use.

Note that using the wildcard * subscription might give you a lot of notifications, which could overload the client.

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