Handling of Unexpected Document condition in Models in WM 6.5 Models

I’m using RosettaNet 6.0.1 SP1, IS 6.5, TN 6.5, Monitor 6.5.1, Modeler 6.5.1, PRT 6.5.1.


How does one code for an Unexpected document received from a partner for a RosettaNet PIP (RN 6.0.1 SP1 module) in Modeler 6.5.1? In the 4.6 Business Integrator (i.e. Modeler) one could identify an unexpected document received from a partner in a Model by using the Status.UnexpectedDoc exists condition in a flow step. No such status code exists in the 6.5.1 Modeler.

In the Modeler 6.5.1 User’s Guide in Appendix C - Migrating 4.6 Process Models to 6.5 Modeler on page 288 it states that you must code this condition, Unexpected Document, yourself. The question is how. I’d prefer not to have the model go to the Process Level Error step that handles model errors without properly handling the unexpected document condition where you would want to send an Exception back to the partner by using the wm.ip.cm.handlers:processUnhandledDocument service for that condition as was the case in 4.6.