Handling big files thru TN

I want to know few things regarding handling big files thru TN and IS.

  1. Is there any limitation on the file size while TN is receiving files from outside vendor. (I know that we can deal with big files by specifing some configuration properties in TN so that TN identifies that the document is of big size and will keep the reference of this file and will keep the file in memory). I mean to say can we also process the files as big as 500-600 MB’s with this option.
  2. What could be cons of using this option like locking of TN, loss of message or some other thoughts on this.

Appreciate ur comments on this.


yes,i believe TN will be able to handle huge files(GB’s)with TN largeDoc Handling configuration settings, especially i have seen Rosettanet PIPs with 1 to 2 gig processed via TN and performance tuning is also required with this effect.


And also, pls take time to view this thread discussed using IS NodeIterator functionality with out handling in TN.